FTTH ONU ( Modems )

Usually, a combo device or home gateway device with ONT/ONU+Router+Wi-Fi functionalities are available in market. This may be enough for normal use. If you want better performance, set the device to bridge mode and use separate router and WiFi access points.

Know more about ONU/ONT

ONU can be configured in 2 modes - Router and Bridge Mode . Configuration of ONUs of different makes are similar and we have to just understand values of certain parameters and nomenclature.

Make Model Defaults Video
settings Genexis Platinum 4410 / admin / MAC ID ondemand_video
settings Tp-Link XN020-G3v / admin / admin ondemand_video
settings Netlink HG323RGW / admin / stdONU101 ondemand_video
settings Syrotech XPON / admin / stdONU101 ondemand_video
settings Optilink op-xont 71110n / admin / admin ondemand_video
settings Huawei EG8145 / Epadmin / adminEp ondemand_video
settings Alphion Alphion / admin / system ondemand_video