Tips for better Performance

Key Points

* Check Optical Power

* Check Cable, Connector, Electrical Power

* Check Settings - DNS , MTU

* Check Router, Devices . Disconenct all other devices before testing.

Usually end connections are provided by LCOs. OLTs may be vendor-locked where ONTs of same vendor only will work. So consult your LCO before you purchase your own ONU.

If you are watching a video you need better download speed. If yo are hosting a site or sending big files, you need better upload speed. If you are a gamer, you need better ping time (latency). You may check ONT configuration, MTU value and DNS, DHCP Settings etc also.


How to improve the Wi-Fi speed?


WiFi Mesh

Wi-Fi Analyzer (Need Microsoft Account)

Vistumbler (Freeware)

NetSpot FREE edition

NetSpot Enterprise (Paid)