Pre Purchase - Frequently Asked Questions

Call your nearest Customer Service Centre or book online.
One time Voice charge Rs.500 and one month plan charge as refundable security deposit. It will be charged in the first bill.
You are required to have your Aadhaar card or Any other original valid POI (Proof Of Identification) & POA (Proof Of Address) as per DoT (Department of Telecom) Guidelines. Once these documents are verified, Bharat Broadband order will be processed. If you are an existing landline customer, additional POI & POA are not insisted.
Once the enquiry is received , you will receive a call from the Franchisee. The time taken for completing the installation & activation of Bharat Broadband depends on your location and availability of service in your area. Normally it may take 2 days.
Yes. Bharat Fiber is a symmetrical connection with equal download and upload speeds.
The fault rate for FTTH is very less. However if you have a service interuption, you can book your complaint and it will be rectified by our support team.
Are there any additional installation charges applied for Bharat Fiber services?
For a new Fiber connection, the installation charges depends on your area and the type of modem you opt for. The franchisee will supply the items for which he will charge the actual price only.
Our staff will take their best eforts. If the help of an electrician is required, you have to call your person.
Bharat Fiber Service is delivered through single Fiber cable.
Yes, It depends on the plan opted. All plans are UL, but speed will be reduced after FUP. Please see the menu Packages.
Bharat Fiber broadband service is based on Fiber Optic technology. This technology offers a lot of advantages over the traditional cables:

It provides faster Internet connection.

Fiber networks are NOT required to be changed post installation. Company upgrade service by replacing hardware and not by replacing the fiber cables

Bharat Fiber’s ultra-fast download and upload speeds enable seamless UHD Video services, Video conferencing and variety of camera applications

Yes. Your modem can support both WiFi and wired connections.
Typically the Wi-Fi coverage provided by the modem comfortably covers an open area of approx. 1000 Sq. ft. (on the same floor). However, this range can be affected by several external factors beyond our control, like interference from other Wi-Fi Access Points in the surrounding area, location of modem in the house, user’s distance from it and the number of walls between the modem and the user , material used for the walls etc.
Voice Calling Service is an integrated voice & video calling service that uses high speed Internet.
You can connect multiple devices to the modem (say 8 to 30 ), however your speed will get impacted as it gets distributed across multiple devices.
One Voice (Landline) connection can be availed with each Bharat Fiber Connection.
Voice service is an add-on service available with our Bharat Fiber connection. You cannot get only Voice service.
No. You can use WiFi Mesh for extended coverage. More about WiFi Mesh