Frequently Asked Questions for Trouble Shooting

Call your nearest Customer Service Centre or book online.
One time Voice charge Rs.500 and one month plan charge as refundable security deposit. It will be charged in the first bill.
You are required to have an original Aadhaar card or Any other original valid POI (Proof Of Identification) & POA (Proof Of Address) as per DoT (Department of Telecom) Guidelines. Once these documents are verified, Bharat Broadband order will be processed. If you are an existing landline customer, additional POI & POA are not insisted.
Once the enquiry is received , you will receive a call from the Franchisee. The time taken for completing the installation & activation of Bharat Broadband depends on your location and availability of service in your area. Normally it may take 2 days.
Yes. Bharat Fiber is a symmetrical connection with equal download and upload speeds.
For a new Fiber connection, the installation charges depends on your area and the type of modem you opt for. The franchisee will supply the items for which he will charge the actual price only.
Our staff will take their best eforts. If the help of an electrician is required, you have to call your person.
Bharat Fiber Service is delivered through single Fiber cable.
Yes, It depends on the plan opted. All plans are UL, but speed will be reduced after FUP. Please see the menu Packages.
Bharat Fiber broadband service is based on Fiber Optic technology. This technology offers a lot of advantages over the traditional cables:

It provides faster Internet connection.

Fiber networks are NOT required to be changed post installation. Company upgrade service by replacing hardware and not by replacing the fiber cables

Bharat Fiber’s ultra-fast download and upload speeds enable seamless UHD Video services, Video conferencing and variety of camera applications

Yes. Your modem can support both WiFi and wired connections.
Typically the Wi-Fi coverage provided by the modem comfortably covers an open area of approx. 1000 Sq. ft. (on the same floor). However, this range can be affected by several external factors beyond our control, like interference from other Wi-Fi Access Points in the surrounding area, location of modem in the house, user’s distance from it and the number of walls between the modem and the user , material used for the walls etc.
Voice Calling Service is an integrated voice & video calling service that uses high speed Internet.
You can connect multiple devices to the modem (say 8 to 30 ), however your speed will get impacted as it gets distributed across multiple devices.
One Voice (Landline) connection can be availed with each Bharat Fiber Connection.
Voice service is an add-on service available with our Bharat Fiber connection. You cannot get only Voice service.
No. You can use WiFi Mesh for extended coverage. More about WiFi Mesh
Fiber break or Low /High Power. Separate LOSS light may be seen in some models

OLT/ONT Configuration problem
Stable Green light
1. Configuration error or 2. Low optical power.
Use same colour connectors to avoid power loss of 2 to 3 db


1. Fiber power : It should be between -14db and -25db to get optimal speed. (It will also rectify the Frequent WAN disconnection / Authentication failure.)

2. MTU Size : Mostly MTU size are related with network elements of different server/nodes.      We can check by different MTU sizes between 1400-1500. The most common MTU value in BSNL is 1460. ( How to find correct MTU Value ? )

3. DNS (if the Ethernet Adaptor symbol shows Yellow Triangle Exclamation mark on it and Internet not getting, can also be solved by the below DNS setting on ONT or Ethernet IPv4 setting of system)

Set DNS as (BSNL) & (Google) as Primary & Secondary OR Set DNS as (BSNL) & (Google) as Primary & Secondary.

4. 802.1p : In ONT configuration set 802.1p as “Null”

5. Ping Keeping ONT in bridge mode , connect the device using LAN cable, give continuous ping to ONT LAN IP, it must reach IP in =/< 1ms.

Tips for Good Speed

Use Self Care Portal For checking usage, viewing & paying bill etc. Click Here
When connected from BSNL Network, browse This Link. Give Your username and password. (Get from ISP or LCO)
Register with BSNL Self Care Portal. Please see the details in Support Menu
Register with BSNL Self Care Portal. Or Contact your BSNL Customer Center. Please see the details in Support Menu
Restart your modem. Or go through the tips in this page.
Contact your BSNL Customer Center. It is NOT free and NOT available with all plans.
  • EPON/GEPON OLTs/ONTs have limitation for providing speed above 100mbps. GPON OLTs/ONTs will perform better.
  • Customer PC/Laptop's Ethernet port should be connected to Gigabit Ethernet ports. The ONU and router must have Gigabit Ports.
  • Use cat 6 Ethernet cables. (Cat 6 is cable that's more reliable at higher speeds than Cat 5 or Cat 5e.)
  • PCs/Laptops should have enough processing capacity. Processors should be I3 or above.
  • Most of the Mobile WI-FI devices are limited with around 60mbps or below speed.
  • Use Dual Band modem with and support speed of the network. You can also connect a good AP with ethernet cable. (2.4 GHz (802.11g/N) and 5.1 GHz (802.11a/N)). Read 5GHz vs 2.4GHz
  • The 2.4 GHz band provides a longer range but transmits data at slower speeds. The 5 GHz band has less coverage but transmits data at faster speeds. The range is lower in the 5 GHz band because higher frequencies cannot travel more.
More about Speed Test and Tips
  • Speed Test must be done with a good PC connected to ONU with CAT6 LAN cable.
  • Server with minimum ping time value must be chosen
  • Speed depends on your network and also on the network / server to which you are trying to connect .
  • Speed depends on how many other devices / users are using to your connection
  • Speed test is an indication of the speed of the network. The values are not exact.
  • Please check the MTU Size needed for his VPN and apply it
  • Most of the ONTs support VPNs. In case of not supporting, please ask the ONT Vendor for firmware upgrade.
  • VPN speed depends on the target network and server and howmany users are using the VPN.
  • ONT connectivity with OLTs and hence Internet Connectivity Improved
  • Malware / malicious data upload issues solved by some updates
  • VoIP issues such as frequent disconnection, one way speech etc. may be resolved
  • Speed improved by some updates
  • May solve issues with VPN connectivity
  • To update firmware, see ONU configuration / Support Section . Better to get support of Franchisee.
    Please see ONU configuration / Support Section
    Check whether the ISP has blocked certain sites as per Goverment Instructions. Check DNS, MTU settings.
  • WiFi routers have limits on number of devices that can mange. Choose the required one to meet the demands.
  • Use a good WiFi router that can deliver good band width
  • Place the AP (modem) in an open place. ie Not in corner,not near wall etc. It is radiating electromagnetic waves just like a bulb. place it so that the signals are spread
  • WiFi range is affected by the design of the building, materials used etc. It also depends on the signal strength of the modem as well as the reception ability of your mobile or laptop
  • Use dualband modems. If affordable use separate WiFi access point
  • Use WiFi repeaters, mesh etc for covering the entire area of your house or office. More about WiFi Mesh
  • WiFi range and strength may not be enough. More devices may be conencted. Use a separate Access Point.
  • Change MODEM/FTTH ONT login password with a strong one. (With Alphabets/ Numeric/ Special Characters).
  • Old ONTs have old firmware Update firmware .
  • Remote access like Anydesk, Ultraviewer, Team viewer etc. in essential situations. Log off after use.
  • Shut down systems and Internet access devices after use.
  • Use a good antivirus in PCs/Laptops/Mobiles. Also use firewall in OS for Internet access. Update OS regularly for security patches.
  • Never use pirated OS and software.
  • Disable location sharing and device access for apps when it is not required.
  • Install Apps from playstore only. Anonymous Apps should not be used.
  • Don't share your IP details, Internet usernames to anyone.
  • Use strong WiFi passwords for Access points.
  • Change passwords frequently.
  • Don't save your Bank/ATM/email passwords and debit / credit card numbers in mobiles or in online platforms and also in browsers.
  • Always read privacy policy of sites you visit.
  • The bills are issued in the first week of every month. The connection will be disconencted in the third week of the month if bill is not paid. It will be reconencted after the payment if made in next two weeks. After the bill payment, it is reconnected with in 12 hours. After the reconnection, restart the ONT to get the Internet. If the bills are not paid , legal actions will be initiated.
    Please see the Support Section
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